If we decide to proceed with a booking, what happens next?

There is a £500 deposit required to secure the booking and your confirmation of our terms and conditions, we will then confirm the booking back to you.


Nine months Prior to date of wedding

  • 1st coordination meeting to go through rough numbers and ideas
  • Ensure registrars (if required), caterers and entertainment are booked.
  • Potential decoration styles and theme
  • Payment to make up 50% of total hire

Two months prior to date of wedding

  • 2nd meeting to finalise details where possible
  • Confirm wedding day plans
  • Remaining 50% payment to make up 100% of total hire

Two weeks prior to date of wedding

  • 3rd meeting to bring everything together and final decisions
  • Final numbers
  • Table plan – Working schedule
  • Details of guests to stay in Accommodation
  • Details of Extras required

One week prior to date of wedding

  • Final payment for accommodation
  • Final payment for added Extras and decorations

Day of Wedding – by 11 am

  • Cake to be delivered and set up
  • Florals to be delivered and set up
  • Table Plan to Display & Place Cards in Table Order
  • Favours, Cameras etc.
  • Outdoor games
  • Indoor and outdoor decorations can be set up (to be removed by 9 am the following morning)
  • Venue stylists to set up (and take down later) any large scale decorations
  • Caterers to lay tables (cutlery, crockery, napkins, glassware)