How do you keep Selden Barns looking so special, day after day?

Time and time again, Brides & Grooms comment on how the grounds look beautiful like their wedding was the first one we had ever done.  This is a testament to our hardworking team of staff, but to assist with this we do have some restrictions.



We love confetti but kindly ask that your guests only use the biodegradable variety as this is better for the environment. Confetti cannons are allowed but must not be of the foil kind as this is extremely difficult to clear up. We have found that bubbles make a suitable alternative, though not on the dance floor as this can make it slippery.

Chocolate or Champagne Fountains

These can be permitted if a suitable floor covering is used underneath them to ensure no damage to carpets or decor.

Fireworks, Laser Displays or Naked Flame/Chinese Lanterns

We love fireworks but only from a reputable professional supplier who must supervise the display. Due to compliance with planning and environment agencies, and out of courtesy to our neighbours and local farming community, Selden Barns only allow the use of ‘low noise’ firework displays. These can be supplied by many local firework companies and all remnants must be collected by the company so as not to endanger surrounding livestock. We do not allow laser displays or Naked flame / Chinese lanterns due to surrounding livestock.